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Anna_nicole_ad1.pngThere’s a bit of controversy going on at Karen Quinn’s Wife in the Fast Lane Contest over a one-liner entered about Anna Nicole Smith.
I made the entry into a blogad, which got clickthru rates over 1 percent. It ran for a day and a half on blogs including Perez Hilton, Cute Overload, Adrants, and several others. All of the ads features content from the more than 500 entries received to date. (I am the creator and producer of the contest and blogad campaign.)
A more recent one-liner entry takes a softer view of Anna Nicole Smith’s death.
Entries are open until February 16th, after which a panel of volunteer judges will pick winners in one-liners, essays and videos that explain “I knew I was living in the fast lane when….”
The contest promotes Quinn’s soon-to-be-released novel, Wife in the Fast Lane.