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astronaught_ad.pngAfter finding a startling entry waiting this morning on her Wife in the Fast Lane Contest, author Karen Quinn stirred up subscribers to her contest newsletter by telling them that she’d received the weirdest one-liner entry yet:

I knew I was living in the fast lane when I became so frazzled juggling my roles as wife, mother, girlfriend, astronaut, stalker, and kidnapper, that I started wearing diapers so I wouldn’t have to waste precious minutes on the potty.

“Imagine my shock,” Quinn wrote, “when I read about astronaut Lisa Nowak’s legal troubles and I realized she had used our contest as some kind of sick confessional. I honestly don’t know what to say. … Sadly, I have no choice but to contact the authorities. On the plus side, I do think wearing diapers is a great time-saver for those of us with no time to spare.”
Quinn has received a slew of emails about the entry including:

Was your “submission” about the astronaut true?
holy crap! that’s crazy
Stop it! Did you really get that creepy message from HER? It is so true that facts are funnier (and weirder)than fiction!
there is no way this is true.. are you serious???
Karen – you’re joking, right? You didn’t really get that one-liner???
OH. MY. GOD. Do you think it was really her???

There have been no replies to emails to Lisa Nowak
The deadlines for entries in the contest is February 16. There are dozens of prizes, including a $2,000 gift certificate to Canyon Ranch Spa and a custom-made 14K gold charm bracelet.
UPDATE: Newsweek reports in “What’s Up With the Diaper?” that

“Astronauts have worn disposable diapers, known as Maximum Absorption Garments, or MAGs, for some 40 years now.
The reason was eminently practical: “You can’t just drop your space pants and go,”