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Beaudoin.pngCan you make a career out of winning video contests? Here are two young men who think so.
In the past 18 months, Michael Beaudoin, a 2006 UMass graduate, has made $60,000 dollars entering and winning a series of online advertising contests run by companies including Snickers and Tic-Tac. “I’d really like to escape my cubicle,” he said. “You gotta follow the dream.”
And Daniel Janis is a three-time (at least) runner up for his entries in contests sponsored by, Honda, Pepto Bismol, and others. Lots of others. “One day I want to be on TV as a talk-show host,” not an Alex Trebek, Charlie Rose or John McLaughlin, but “the fun, late night TV variety,” Janis says.
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