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Here’s a spam message I got several copies of today. It’s a twist on the usual “send me your bank account information and I’ll send you a million dollars right away from the estate of my father, the king of bogus land.”

This one is purportedly from an artist in the UK, whose first language doesn’t seem to be English. The scam, er, deal: you rep him in the United States, take 10 percent for the art that is sold and send him his money.He can’t sell it himself, he says, because “they are always offering to pay with a US POSTAL MONEY ORDER which is difficult for me to cash here in UK.” If you don’t send his money:

“i have my way of getting anyone that gets away with my money, I mean the FBI branch in Washington gets involve. It wouldn’t cost you any amount ,u are to receive payments which will be sent to u by FEDEX OR USPS from my business partners, which would come in form of a money order then u are to cash it and send the cash to me via western union money transfer all Western Union charges will be deducted from the money.

Thanks, but I’ll pass.