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3D_Ad.jpgNot only can’t you escape commercials in movie theatres, now you can’t get drunk in peace in upscale bars. NextMedia Group in Minnealopis is offering 3D ads on screens in upscale nightclubs to help advertisers reach the “elusive” 21-34 demo.
Thirty-second long 3D ads are played 15 times during a 2 1/2 hour loop of movie trailers and promotions (special drinks, upcoming bands,) for the bar in which they are playing.
It’s seriously cool technology because no special glasses are needed to see the 3D.
If anyone actually pays attention to them, the 3D ads will be a bargain. Exclusive network sponsorship goes for $50,000 for three months ($1,000 per venue for 50 venues); the rate drops to $42,500 for six months. Up to 10 advertisers can be on a single loop.
via Media Buyer Planner