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11870.pngFor some reason, the Spanish language business networking site, is the most searched term on Technorati today.
Zenblogger explains

“ is Spanish bookmarking networking directory that tracks it’s users professional and business suggestions and reviews. Basically a user is given a profile page where they list professional services or businesses they have used and they can share opinions, photos, videos, labels, etc…”

Here’s the Google translation of 11870’s “about” page, useful as ever :>)

“We sent in February of 2007, although the company was born at the beginning of 2006 with the intention to give a return of nut to the sector of the classified ones. We want to try to change the way in which known people (and her friends and) know, looks for, it recommends and it shares companies and professionals. Each user has a page where he is keeping (of public or deprived way) businesses that interest to him, being able to put opinions, photos, videos, labels… Although it is possible to be used of individual way, the true potential comes when we shared it with our circle of friends. In the end everybody values plus the advice of its knowing that those of the people who do not know.”

Got it now?