NEW Report! Straight Talk About Social Media: a no-nonsense guide for corporations By B.L. Ochman

Straight Talk About Social Media.
A no-nonsense guide for corporations

By B.L. Ochman
Social media strategist to Fortune 500 companies
Publisher, What’s Next Blog, President,

There certainly is no shortage of books about social media. There’s a new one published just about every day, and most of them are out of date before they’re even printed, because social media opportunities are constantly in flux.

You can read them all if you have the time; or you can read Straight Talk About Social Media.

My new report is filled with my trademark nitty gritty, real-world information – not theory. It’s goal is to help you get high-yield, ROI-focused results by integrating social media into your overall marketing.

StraightTalkContents.pngStraight Talk About Social Media explains the pitfalls and opportunities, and provides examples, resources, and advice about how to succeed in the Web 2.0 landscape. Its intent is to help you, not to scare you. But if you don’t pay attention, heaven help your brand.

Straight Talk About Social Media contains the kind of information and strategic advice that I’ve given my agency’s clients since 1996, and shared with the readers of What’s Next Blog since 2002. You’ll learn:

• What social media can’t do (a lot)
• How to pick your social media guru (hint: don’t!)
• What should your company do first?
• Do you really need to be on Twitter?
• Top 6 myths about social media

My team and I have created and executed successful social media campaigns for companies including Cendant, McGraw-Hill, Meijer, American Greetings, Simon & Schuster, and many others.

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The first in an ongoing series – Straight Talk About Social Media will give you real-world information that will help you understand how to get high-yield results by integrating social media into your corporation’s overall marketing efforts.

StraightTalkBOX_Info.jpgIf you know me, or you read What’s Next Blog, you know I don’t mince words. I tell it like I see it – straightforward, clear, and edgy. So fasten your seat belt: here we go!

B.L. Ochman, who heads the creative team of, is an Internet marketing strategist, corporate coach, sought-after speaker, and influential blogger who has been helping major corporations expand their traffic and sales since 1996. Her clients include Cendant, Meijer, IBM, McGraw-Hill and many other major corporations. Her What’s Next Blog is an AdAge Power 150 blog, and she contributes to Ad Age, Business Week, and several other publications.

BUY NOW -$18- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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