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Zoe%20Koplowitz.pngThis morning, as I was leaving Central Park, I met Zoe Koplowitz, on her dayglo purple crutches, sorrounded by her team of Guardian Angels. She is making her way toward the finish line of the New York City Marathon at her pace of approximately one mile per hour. She’s likely to finish her 20th marathon in just under 29 hours, a day after the men’s and women’s winners crossed the finish line.
I told her she’s fabulous. I wanted to take her picture, but felt like it was intrusive to ask, so the one here is from last year’s Marathon.
Ms Koplowitz told the BBC after a 1999 marathon in London:

“The marathon is really only a metaphor for life.
“I am sending a message to everyone that you don’t need to win the race to be a winner in life.
“Everybody faces marathons each day whether it be looking after kids, parents or at work – it is about finishing what you have started.”

Kolpowitz lives in Manhattan and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than 30 years ago at age 25. Half a dozen New York City Guardian Angels accompanied her along the route.
Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?
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