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I got an email from someone telling me there are a couple of typos on my website. She didn’t say exactly where they were and used a pushy and obnoxious tone to tell me I better hire her right away or suffer the consequences of looking like a jerk in front of the whole world. (As if I didn’t already do that right here, each and every day.).
I wrote back and told her I didn’t like her tone.
She wrote:
“I noticed a number of typos in the course of reading your site. I t! hought that these two in particular hurt your company’s and your client’s image.”
I wrote:
“[B.L.] and here’s a typo of yours:
t! hought
now i am ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s really rich.
you can’t make this stuff up.
have a nice evening.”
Is that called eating your own stew? Or is there another expression to describe it?