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Better late than never they say. Here’s someone who’s a couple years late to the party. A guy named Erich Viedge, to whose email I did NOT subscribe, spammed me with the following message today:
He said: Blogs, podcasting and the (really) new media
I’ve resisted talking about blogs, but they’re getting more and more prevalent. A blog is an on-line diary. It’s updated every day or two, and you can subscribe to them these days.
You’ve probably heard of them. There are very few worth mentioning.
The latest thing is Podcasting. That’s the practice of recording the blog instead of writing it, and then allowing people to download your pearls of wisdom and put them on their iPods (hence Podcasting).
One of my favourites is Tips from the Top Floor (if you’re in to digital photography).
Why I am talking about this? Because more and more people are supplementing their main-stream news consumption with stuff from the “blogosphere”. Which means that you need to manage this in some way, or it will bit you (or your clients), hard!

Welcome to 2005 Eric.