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Yay! Robert Scoble, Microsoft evangelist, is back to blogging. He was so smart to take a week off, because he was clearly fried. It’s easy to lose your sense of humor when people with their own agenda get nuts in comments. Forming a comment policy is a challenge for every blogger and we each need to establish one we can live with. Here’s what Scoble says he will do from now on:
As to the comments. I thought hard about just turning them off. Or censoring the ones I don’t like. But, screw that. It’s good +for me+ to have open comments where even jerks are allowed to post. It’s a true marketplace of ideas. My challenge is not to eat the metaphorical rotten strawberries. Lately I’ve been trying to argue with everyone, even those who really don’t deserve even being acknowledged.”
I’m sticking with my comment policy – using Shel Israel’s Living Room Rules and deleting anonymous comments, and comments from people whom I know are not using their real names.
I’m open to debate, disagreements, and new points of view, but not name calling or endless ranting. And yes, I’ll make the calls on those.