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The other day, publicist Steve Rubel suggested a cabal of 15-person-plus PR firms to come up with policies for using blogs and other social media. There was a hue and yawns about this erudite baloney, so Steve opened to group to all who wanted to join.
“I wanted to make sure we had the right people in the room who can create change on a large scale…” he says, acknowledging that he offended people. “we’re on the right track now so let the conversation continue.”
Let’s see a list of the social media projects these agencies have done for their clients. What’s that? They haven’t done them? They just want to talk about the ones they are gonna do. Quelle surpris!
Anybody who’s out here doing large-scale blog projects for clients isn’t talking policy and theory. So look for yet another giant compendium of self-serving BS.
Nonetheless, this reminds me of one of my favorite jokes about PR:
Mrs. Jones goes to visit her gynecologist. “I’m baffled,” he tells her. You’ve been married three times, but I find that you are still a virgin.”
Well, she says, “my dear first husband Charles had a heart attack and died on the first night of our honeymoon and the marriage was never consumated.” Then, she explains, “my second husband, George, turned out to be gay so we never had relations.”
And her third husband, she tells him, “is in public relations. So all he does is sit on the side of the bed and tell me how great it’s going to be.”