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I’m switching web hosts. Dreamhost, my current host, just doesn’t cut it. They have no telephone support for one thing.
So I checked out the Yahoo! Small Business/Six Apart new hosting deal that includes a super-fast version of MoveableType.
Yahoo! Small Business is advertising Small Business Professional hosting with Moveable Type, for $26.77 a month and up. But if you really want a professional plan, you’ll actually have to pay nearly $300 a month for features available elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. WTF?
I wouldn’t want Yahoo to be part of the url in my store or shopping cart, like it is for small companies like Smiley Gifts’, for example, whose url is, not If I want my store not to include yahoo in the url, I’d have to pay $299.96 per month for Yahoo! Small Business’ Professional Hosting Plan.
No Service Guarantee
And the $299 a month Yahoo! plan includes no guarantee of how long you might wait on the phone for a customer service rep, nor a guarantee of email response within a certain time. That’s what I was told when I called and talked to a sales rep who told me that her supervisor said they have “no service goals in this area that they can state.”
Can you say deceptive advertising practices? How about bait and switch?