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Jeremy Zawodny, a Yahoo! employee who blogs, posted Yahoo! Employee Blog Guidelines, and an interesting one is:
Engage in Private Feedback
4. Not everyone who is reading your blog will feel comfortable approaching you if they are concerned their feedback will become public. In order to maintain an open dialogue that everyone can comfortably engage in, Yahoo! corporate bloggers are asked to welcome “off-blog” feedback from their colleagues who would like to respond privately, make suggestions, or report errors without having their comments appear on your blog. Bloggers want to know what you think. If you have an opinion, correctrion or criticism regarding a posting, reach out for the blogger directly. Whether privately or on their blog, let the blogger know your thoughts.”
Although some blog purists will no doubt disagree, I think the networking that is fostered by blogging is one of the most interesting aspects of being a blogger. I’ve developed business relationships with a lot of bloggers through emails we’ve exchanged.