submit to reddit, the women’s site launched in March 2008 by luminaries including Lesley Stahl, Whoopi Goldberg, Candice Bergen, Mary Wells, and Lily Tomlin, is a conversational community for accomplished women over 40 who feel patronized by glossy women’s magazines. WowOWow had the buy their name from a porn site, but hey, they weren’t the first site that didn’t check to see who owned their name.
Like many established sites aiming at this fast-growing mature woman demographic, WowOWow has to fight for readers and advertisers. AdAge reports tha the audience is definitely out there: Women’s community sites experienced the largest growth last year (35%) along with political sites, according to a comScore Media Metrix study of 100 major U.S. Internet destinations. And women users outnumbered men on the Web for the first time in 2007.
WowOWow has plenty of serious conversation, along with polls, blogs, interviews, and questions of the day, and a great personalized frizz forecaster, the Hair Day Weather Forecast. And they’ve just started a Refer-a-Friend Sweepstakes with the chance to win a personal horoscope by “world renowned psychic Peggy Rometo” for those who refer the most friends.
While WowOWow already has advertising from Sony and Tiffany, the semi-desperate sounding Sweepstakes proves that winning online still depends on how you drive traffic to the site. And, like everyone else on the planet, girls want to have fun.