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magic_eraser.jpgI hadn’t been in a grocery store in over a year because I get my groceries delivered by Fresh Direct, the most wonderful thing ever to happen to people who live in Manhattan and who don’t want to stand in line for hours in dirty, cramped, over-priced Food Emporiums staffed with incredibly rude people (don’t get me going.) Anyhow, I was looking for Sammy’s Three Dog Bakery biscuits when the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser caught my eye. I, in general, am not what you would call obsessed with cleaning. But Omigawd. Help me. Now I can’t stop cleaning. There seems to be nothing that this thing won’t clean. But WTF is it? Is it lethal to humans or pets? It gets the dirt out of the grout between the tiles in the bathroom (yes, I am that fucked up over this thing) and it took the fingerprints off the plastic light switches when nothing — absolutely nothing — would get them off. I could go on, but you get the idea. I think I have to throw these sponges (or whatever they are) out now.
Hey, Fresh Direct! Why aren’t you telling your customers about new products like this one? You’re leaving money on the table. You didn’t ask, but here’s some free advice: add a blog to your website where customers can talk about new products they like. Make the blog available only to registered customners so you can keep advertisers and PR people from taking over the comments. Hire me. I’ll get it going on. :>)