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cougher.jpgWhy is the Ricola Cougher contest still around? I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: it’s a disgusting idea and it’s been going on since November. Enough already.
The germ spreader “will be in New York on Friday, January 6th. Catch the cougher in the afternoon considering an earth-friendly haircut in SoHo. Good Luck!”
Yick! Coughing at a hair salon. Coughing on the subway on the way to the hair salon. Blecch! New Yorkers are incredibly tolerant of a lot of things. Sometimes I think people on the subway would feign sleep if Christ himself walked through their car. But a New Yorker with a short fuse might kill a freakin weirdo who offers him or her a cough drop after mistaking them for someone who was going to give them a million dollars for that cough drop.
Copyranter agrees:
– Have you Dillweeds ever riddin’ a subway? A person could blow through a case during one 20 minute trip without moving his/her feet. More importantly, the cough drop giver-outer would also probably be socked/stabbed/spit on 4-5 times. That’s a conservative estimate.
– Because… city people don’t like to be looked at, let alone talked to, LET ALONE offered a FUCKING cough drop from a FUCKING stranger that could be poison in a Ricola wrapper for all we know.
– Could you have AT THE LEAST included a disclaimer eliminating all the poor sick cold homeless folk as the potential mystery hacker?

Hint to Ricola marketers: have him die of his cough and get this over with already. Then you can hold a wake. That would be more fun.