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The top search term in Technorati is the word “habitaquo“, a made up word.
The Spanish Google News site launched a SEO contest yesterday. The winner will be the website appearing on the first position of Google search engine marketing pages (SERPs) on May 23rd with “habitaquo” word. The first prize is an Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo so 187 blogs have inserted this new word already. So far, no pages come up in Google SERPs for “habitaquo.”
It’s interesting how easily manipulated the top searches are in Technorati. It wouldn’t seem, with some 5 million blogs being scanned by Technorati, that 187 posts would tip the scales so much. Also interesting: most of the blogs using the “habitaquo” tag are listed as having no other blogs linking to them, generally an indicator of low influence.
Me want the “habitaquo” Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo. :>)