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hearts.pngI screwed up. I bought a pair of shoes at Zappos, thought I would keep them, threw away the box. Then the podiatrist said the shoes are all wrong for my hurty foot, worst thing i could get, etc. He said that the clogs I like to run around in are great and to keep wearing them.
I called Zappos. They answer the phone “We’re having a great day at Zappos.” And, instead of saying, sorry, no box, no return, they told me they’d send me the clogs via free overnight delivery. That usually costs $25.
When I get the new shoes, I just put the ones I don’t want in that box and ship them back – no charge for shipping, of course. In other words. Zappos trusts their customers.
But that’s not all. The lovely woman told me how much fun it is to work there. She said that every employee from the top to the bottom, spends 40 hours answering phones; learns to pick, pack and ship, and does every other job in the company so they know what employees encounter every day.
“It seems so obvious that this is a good way to run a company” she said, “so you have to wonder why everyone doesn’t do it.” Indeed.
I love you Zappos. And when my foot gets better, I think I’ll need a pair of these.
UPDATE: : Zappos brilliantly harnessed the power of Twitter by randomly giving away 11 pair of shoes to Twitter followers. This company understands community like few others. Bravo!