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bug_cookies.jpgWhy do so many companies go through the trouble of doing promotions and then fail to integrate them with their website? Here’s an example from Betty Crocker, who undoubtedly spent a gazillion dollars to make a video and offer it through BusinessWire. The only problem? You can’t see it. There is no way to download it.
A BusinessWire press release from Betty Crocker promises a video on Kid Friendly Baking, but there is no way to download the video on that page.
Since a release went out, there should be a link from the company’s home page to the video. But nope. Nada. When you go to the website and put “kid friendly baking” into the search box, there is no such video available. But there is a recipe for these bumblebee cookies, which, thank you, sure look (yecch) like spiders. But I guess that’s appealing to kids.
Note to Betty Crocker’s PR firm: a blog about kid’s baking and cooking would be way cool for Betty Crocker. Call me if you want help setting it up.