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Shel Holtz notes today that Technorati has never responded to his query about why his tags are not being picked up on their site. (Mine aren’t either.) And that Apple hasn’t responded to two queries either. “I might as well have folded them into paper airplanes,” he says, “and sent them aloft into the canyon just beyond my backyard.”
Steve Rubel has a post about why Technorati’s search is so slow lately, based on Stephen Baker’s post on BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting. Baker also sets a great precedent by including his notes (Word document) from his interview with Technorati’s Adam Hertz.
Yet, Technorati’s site has not a word about a slowdown, nor a response on Holtz’ blog about the support snafu. Until they do, the conversation is likely to grow. So, Technorati, how are the problems being addressed?