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blogads.jpgHenry Copeland of Blogads had 17, 159 responses last week to his survey of blog readers. “I’ve had a hunch that blog readers are a special audience. Now we have hard evidence,” he says.
This survey shows that blog readers are older and more affluent than most optimistic guestimates: 61% of blog readers responding to the survey were over 30, and 75% make more than $45,000 a year. They are also 79% male, versus 56% of’s readers.
Fifty four percent say they get their news online; 21% are themselves bloggers and 46% describe themselves as opinion makers.
Blog readers are united in their apathy about traditional news sources: 82% of blog readers say that television is worthless or only somewhat useful as a source of news and opinion. 55% percent say the same about print newspapers. 54% say the same about print magazines.