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Actor and monologist Spalding Gray was a neighbor I would see around Tribeca when I lived downtown. He’d be with his children and he looked like he was having fun with them. He’s best-known for his one-man show “Swimming to Cambodia,” which I saw him perform.
He’s been missing since January 9, when he walked away from his SoHo loft without his wallet after having seen the movie “Big Fish” with his wife, Kathleen Russo and one of his sons.
I hope, his family’s sake and for him, that Gray is found alive.

There have been reports that he was seen on the Staten Island Ferry later that night, and Russo fears he might have jumped off the boat. In September, she told a reporter, Gray had phoned his wife and said he was going to jump off the ferry; he had actually boarded it, but police were alerted and removed him.