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Ok, so you’re blogging, or about to start. What do you write about every day?
Whatever you write about, let your readers know you’re a human being. Don’t let the PR department re-write all your posts and don’t use jargon. Be conversational, but respect the rules of the language (please.)
While all your posts don’t have to be original material, your view of any topic should be.
Top 10 Topics to Blog About
_ Provide information that helps your readers do their jobs.
_ Talk about the dumbass things people do in your industry.
_ Also write about the really smart things they do.
_ Respond to negative things that are said about you or your company – fast.
_ Share resources and links to other manufacturer’s products and to services that are helpful to you in your work.
_ Report and comment on industry news.
_ Blog live from tradeshows, meetings, speeches and events whenever you can.
_ Write about which trades, websites, blogs are worth reading.
_ Review other blogs, explaining what you like and don’t like about them.
_ Explain the features, good and bad, of services for bloggers that you’ve tried.
There are three types of posts:
_ Original content– articles you research and write
_ Aggregate and comment — your comments on news, blog posts, articles, events that others already have written about
_ Interviews
Types of Posts
Most bloggers write about 10 to 20 percent original content, then aggregate and comment on news and other content.
Experiment with long and short posts and link, link, link.

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