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In “Five Surefire Content Ideas (When Your Blog Is Drawing Blanks”,
Jonathan Kranz suggests:
1. Announce something
2. Respond to an article or news item
3. Reflect on an event
4. Respond to a reader’s concerns
5. Share a personal anecdote
No. 6: Take a Break
I’d add Number 6 to the list: Take a break from blogging. Make sure you say what you are doing and when you’ll be back, and then really drag yourself away from the blog and let your brain re-charge.
I wasn’t drawing blanks when I decided to take 10 days off from blogging between Christmas and New Year, but I was tired and obsessed with posting frequently. I used the time to rest, read, relax, and give my carpal tunnel a break. I highly recommend the practice.
Some bloggers can’t stop :>
Some of my blogging colleagues announced that they would take a holiday break, but they couldn’t do it. Steve Hall at Adrants kept blogging despite announcing that he’d be off til Jan. 3. Heather Green and Stephen Baker at Business Week Blogspotting blogged all week even though the magazine was basically on holiday. Kudos to them for managing to stay relevant and interesting.