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won_nothing.jpgWebtrends, your marketing sucks.
Back in February, at the Search Engine Strategies NY Conference, I won an MP3 player in a Webtrends drawing at the show. It took them a month to let me know I won. They sent an email with this subject line: SES Winner: Your WebTrends MP3 Player is on the way!
Thank you again for stopping by the WebTrends and WebPosition booth at SES New York! You were one of 30 winners of our MP3 player giveaway and I wanted to let you know that those have been shipped. They went out in the mail yesterday, so you should receive the player either the end of this week or early next week.

But alas, it never arrived. I’ve repeatedly emailed the account executive at Webtrends Online Marketing, Web Analytics from NetIQ, to say it never arrived. I have been completely ignored. Not even “we’ll check to see what happened.”
That’s a hell of a way to run a marketing contest.