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paris_yellow.gifBill Murray’s Lost in Translation was, among other things, about American celebrities making embarrassing commercials overseas just for the bucks. But why does freaking Paris Hilton need money? Anyhow, Her Royal Highness of Vapidness is at it again, in a commercial for Germany’s GoYellow phone book. And there’s a hamburger involved again, just like in the Carl Jr’s ad. And an apple. And some yellow underpants.
Best of all, another insipid appearance at a press conference: “Yellow pages and white pages are over. And lame. and the Internet is cool. And it’s hot. And i love it.” Gee, Paris, thank you for clearning that up.
Since she’s probably under 30, I will apparently continue to encounter her for the rest of my life. I’m not a violent person, but just looking at that face makes me want to bitch slap her.
via Adrants