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After a What’s Next Blog reader commented that Wal-Mart Canada has nothing on their website about the Menu Foods recall of 80 million cans and pouches of 95 brands of dog food, I started looking at the websites of other supermarket and mass market chains’ sites to see if they carried recall information.
Wal-mart – NO
Stop & Shop – NO
Winn-Dixie -NO
Safeway – NO
Publix and Wegman’s both have information on their sites about the recall.
There are a couple of things going on here:
– Many big companies – even giants like Wal-mart don’t update their websites frequently.
Static sites are pretty much a waste of time in the age of blogs, vlogs, YouTube and other sources of instant information.
– Supermarkets don’t expect people to look at their sites for information about the Menu recall.
They may be thinking that people who buy pet food from them will get the information in their stores, or from their newspapers. They’re wrong!
Consumers increasingly look online for news and advice and any company that doesn’t provide it when their company is involved is a fossil. Do you want to do business with a dinosaur? I know I don’t.
Pet owners deserve information about the recall, the news, the symptoms of illness caused by the poison foods, and any alternative foods the stores are carrying because pets have to eat every day.
The American Veterinary Medicine Association has advice for pet owners, including that you should retain food samples and note onset and pattern of symptoms if your pet becomes ill.