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jimmy_choo.jpgThis morning I was outside walking my new puppy, wearing my clogs, when one of my neighbors trotted out dressed like Lady Astor’s Pet Horse. She was head to toe fashionista, including a pair of Jimmy Choo Boots that probably set her back $1200 or so. And under her arm was a big Jimmy Choo box containing (what else!?) a spare pair of Choos.
“I can walk fast in the ones I have on,” she explained, “but the ones I’m carrying look better.”
So of course I look to see if Choo has a blog, which he doesn’t. If ever there was a company that should let its customers tell their tales on a blog, this is it.
I’m no shoe slouch. I probably own 50 pair, if you count slippers. But no Choos. Hey Mr. Choo: ahem… for a couple pair of boots, a bag and some shoes I could get you started …