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Two things you can still do if you forgot to get a Valentine’s Gift and you ever want any nookie again: reports that, so far today, more than 60 procrastinators have ordered Save-Your-Ass late Valentine Gift Shipping. They not only get a geeky, kitschy gift to your Valentine tomorrow – they call today and say the late gift is their fault. The offer disappears from the site at midnight so your Valentine won’t have to know. Hey, it’s a white lie. :>)
v-dog.pngYou also can send a Valentine’s greeting in dog language, courtesy of Purina. Benny LOVES this one. All together now, awwwwww.
The clock is ticking, and if you were hoping for a romantic evening any time in the next few weeks, you’re in hot water if you don’t send a Valentine’s gift.

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