submit to reddit and Bag Borrow or Steal are two little companies who are betting that a combination of Internet marketing and traditional PR can be their ticket to stardom.
Knot Heads launched March 19, 2008, selling a bendable hair accessory meant to replace rubber bands, bobby pins, barrettes and the dreaded claw! Bag Borrow or Steal’s been around since 2004, has venture funding, and is hoping to hit the big-time thanks to a 10-second mention in the “Sex and the City” movie.
Knot Heads, the brainchild of Jessica Law, a hairstylist, and her orthodontist husband, Scott Law, Internet marketing newbies, who seem to have good instincts. Thanks to their hard-working publicist, they’ve already been on “Dancing with the Stars,” and in Shape Magazine, and will soon be featured in Seventeen, and Modern Bride.
“We’re trying to make the best business decisions,” says Law. “QVC and Home Shopping Network want Knot Heads, and there’s interest in Japan and from lots of large distributors. She says their site will be re-launched on May 28th, since the current flash-laden site was just “thrown up.”

“Posts in blogs have been the absolute best way to drive traffic to our site,” she says. They’re doing promotions with a host of blogs, including What’s Next Blog. You can get 15% off Knot Heads with the code next if you use Google Checkout. Instructions are at the end of this post.

bagborrow.jpgBag Borrow or Steal, founded in 2004, recently raised an additional $15 from Steelpoint Capital in 2007.

It has 450,000 members who can borrow from 3,000 authentic styles of handbags, 650 styles of jewelry from more than 100 designers who allow to buy man-made synthetic diamoinds, including Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Stephen Dweck and Vera Wang, and coming soon, designer sunglasses.
In the “Sex and the City Movie,” Bag Borrow or Steal execs told the Wall St. Journal that Carrie’s assistant admits she borrows her expensive bags from Bag Borrow or Steal. The company is hoping that one 10-second line will cause a huge boost in its business – the way Carrie penchant for Manolo Blahnik’s did for the pricey stilettos.
To prepare for what they hope will be an online onslaught, they’ve added a Sex and the City Shop to the site, and added extra server capacity in case of a rush of orders. It’s also possible that they end up over-ordering or running short, since they don’t know which items made the final cut into the film. They ran a Sex and the City YouTube video contest that got only 60 entries, probably because it was not well-promoted.
The Wall St Journal story is likely to start a flood of publicity, but unless they do expert SEO and start advertising and promoting on other sites and blogs, they could have a hard time driving traffic to the site.

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