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new_iPod.pngThis conversation on Twitter today sums up the whole story of the new Apple iPod Touch, which really does revolutionize computing. And which I’m not buying until version 3.0. Well, ok, maybe I only wait til 2.0.(I think I can, I think I can….)

Steve Rubel (early and enthusiastic adopter of all new technology, who waited in line for his iPhone on the first day of sale): “It’s horrifically rude that Apple cut the price of the iPhone by $200 just 9 weeks after it launched.”
Ike Pigott responds: “the price was the same, you just paid the Early Adopter Tax. You win a t-shirt that says “I let Apple EAT me.”
Rex Hammock, who endured AT&T iPhone connection hell: “I guess investors think that Apple announcement was rude, also. AAPL down $7.50. Didn’t Newton figure out gravity this way?”

I’m waiting for the iPod Touch version 3.0 because everything is a beta these days, and I’m not going to pay the extra $200 or $300 extra dollars for an iPod that’ll have more memory, more features, and an even better battery after Christmas.
Still, that is one fantastic piece of electronic wizardry! Who cares about the music and the wireless iTunes store. Gimme a break. I have a 30 gig iPod Video now. I have plenty of music. And my spare iPod is a great external hard drive for backing up my computer.
What I want is wi-fi that actually works, the Internet on a small screen, mobile video, and that incredible, sexy touch screen interface.
A few years ago I bought a $600 IPAQ that had email, internet, blue tooth, and Windows. Yeah, but they were scaled down versions of the Internet, impossibly small screen for reading Word docs, and lousy wi-fi that never worked. It’s sitting on a shelf, collecting dust.
The new iPod, according to today’s announcement, has viable wi-fi, and, as we’ve already seen on the iPhone, phenomenal Internet access with Safari. So, yes! I want one.
The decision to force people who buy the iPhone to switch to AT&T was a terrible one, and this effectively reverses this decision because you an use any phone and still have the iPhone features that really matter. And you can get a phone with a camera and video, which iPhone doesn’t have.
But I can wait. Drool…. Really, I can. You’ll see. I’ll wait…..I think.
But man, Me want iPod Touch now! And if I had a spare few hundred bucks, I’d run out and buy one.