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virginia_beach.jpgDo you need to translate your entire website if you want to do business globally? Depends who you ask.
Conversions rose when Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau translated their entire website according to a MarketingSherpa case study. (Free access until about June 3, then paid.)
But Multilanguage Search Engine Optimization and Submission (MSEO) says all you need to translate is a search engine optimized page that links to the English language site. Serious customers, they say, will do business with you in English.
Search engine requirements are different in each country says MSEO, and it is necessary to work with search engine optimizers (SEOs) who are familiar with the requirements in their native language. Google has different SEO requirements in different countries, and so do other major search engines. There is huge opportunity for good placement on the foreign web, they maintain, because keyword density on foreign web is like it was in the US in 1995. It is far less competitive and easier to achieve high rankings.
Whichever options you choose, one thing is painfully obvious: not everyone speaks English.