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The right-leaning blog Power Line will be named Blog of the Year by Time Magazine on Monday according to Associated Press.
Time calls Power Line bloggers John Hinderaker and Scott Johnson “amateur journalists” and credits them with the first blog post questioning Dan Rather’s sources.
“In 2004, blogs unexpectedly vaulted into the pantheon of major media, alongside TV, radio and, yes, magazines, and it was Power Line, more than any other blog, that got them there,” says the Time story, on newsstands tomorrow. I have to wonder how many blogs the editors read as Power Line had, until now, escaped my purview.
Does Time see all bloggers as amateur journalists? Even the ones who beat them to several major stories this year? If so, they don’t get what blogging is all about and they weren’t paying attention when bloggers broke, among other stories, the capture of Saddam Hussein a day before dead-tree media; brought down Trent Lott; exposed the fact that kryptonite bike locks could be opened with a ball point pen.
President Bush is Time’s man of the year. Shouldn’t that be Karl Rove, the puppet master?