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Is Six Apart growing too fast? Have they got their eye on the hole instead of the doughnut now that they’re joining Yahoo! in a web hosting partnership?
ZDNet reports that thousands of blogs using Six Apart’s Typepad software have lost access to their last week’s posts and can’t publish to their blogs. I’m sure bloggers like Steve Rubel at Micropersuasion are in the throes of terrible withdrawals from being offline all day.
Some of the blogs are online, and so are their RSS feeds, but they show week-old posts. The majority get a 404 error.
Six Apart’s site assures customers that their blog data is safe and that “We have no reason to believe that any of your posts, comments, TrackBacks, photos or files have been lost.”
Nontheless, I’m sure bloggers will feel a whole lot better when they get their work back.