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Whale_video.pngThis was too wonderful to chance it being lost in comments to my earlier post on Greenpeace. Martina, an eight year-old girl who just started learning English this year has a beautiful video on YouTube that gets right to the heart of the whaling issue, and is sure to hit you directly in yours.
Holding her plush-toy baby whale, Martina asks all the children of the world to write to the captain of the Nisshin Maru, leader of the Japanese whaling fleet, to ask him to stop killing whales because “we don’t want you to be a cruel captain.”
Captain Toyama’s ship, she explains is in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary, “iligaly [sic] hunting 945 whales.”
As a whale is harpooned, Martina asks Mr. Toyama, with a child’s guileless innocence: “Why do you and your fleet insist on turning blue transparent water into bloody red?”
This little girl gives me hope for the world. I hope Mr. Toyama gets a few million letters.
Martina: your parents should be very proud to have a daughter like you.
I haven’t been able to find contact information for Mr. Toyama’s ship, but the whale fleet reports to:

Mr. Hiroshi Hatanaka
Institute of Cetacean Research
4-5 Toyomi-cho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-0055
fax +81-3536-6522