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One of the richest rewards of blogging is the network of extraordinary and accomplished people I have met through their blogs. One of them posts something, I add a comment, they reply. Someone finds one of my posts noteworthy and includes a trackback in their blog. We often email, or pick up the phone, (yup, the phone) to say “thank you” or add information, and voila! we have a conversation underway. Several of those conversations that I’ve had have blossomed into friendships.
Hilary Johnson author of “Why I read Business Blogs,” in INC, agrees, and points out, “As soon as I grew comfortable navigating my way through the complexities of the blogosphere, I realized that I was beginning to find my way back to the same places over and over again. I was mingling, networking, unconsciously working the room as if at a cocktail party. An extremely large cocktail party unbounded by either space or time and to which everyone is invited.”
Finding Time
How does one find time to read blogs? The same way we find time for email, IM, and all the other information that we have to multi-task to take in. There’s no going back to the good, or maybe they were the bad, old days. Can’t someone find us a way to add auxilliary brains that’ll do some of the reading! And, no, RSS is not enough.