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Shel Israel and Robert Scoble have begun the fascinating process of working out their book about blogging,The Red Couch, in their blog, which also contains their book proposal in progress.
Blogs As Journalism and PR” discusses the role of PR in blogging, noting that “PR people cannot just treat blogging as another channel down which they will toss the same old crap. Their new role will be to teach company officials to speak for themselves, in a plain language and adhering to the rules that makes blogging a more credible communications channel. This creates a huge opportunity for the very best of PR practitioners. I think blogging is indeed part of a new PR that has only now just begun to form, but will take shape and offer value in the not too distant future–but blogging and PR practitioners need to approach each other with the same caution as two amorous porcupines.”
PR People should be made to memorize that passage! While Scoble and Israel have scrapped their first proposed title, “Blog or Die,” that phrase certainly does apply to PR people.