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The NY Times reports that the Snickers commercial has been withdrawn from their TV schedule because so many groups found it offensive. It’s also gone from the advertising page of Snickers’ website. And Snickers obviously didn’t satisfy because the Snickers Satisfies page with the ad and alternate endings for which viewers could vote is also gone.
None of the Superbowl ads, IMO, were memorable — like earlier years’ ads for Fed Ex, Apple and Bud.
The difference is that now the ads continue to be discussed online for weeks. In the past they just kind of faded from print view.
Jim Nail points out in a comment on Peter Kim’s blog that “YouTube is getting more CGM discussion than any of the advertisers — and they didn’t have to spend $2.6 mil”
Dorito’s Live The Flavor, CGM commercial is on YouTube’s home page as the favorite of voters to date.