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hugh_blog.pngThe always passionate Hugh Macleod has a treatise on blogging that includes some real gems
“1. The First Rule of Blogging: “Blogs don’t write themselves.”

I’ve always said that most people would rather have root canal than write something short and pithy every day. Because blogging is actually hard work.

“6. Blogging is a great way to make things happen indirectly.
18. If your goal is to have a large, influential online readership, I’d say give yourself five years.
34. Anybody who harbors the idea that Madison Avenue EVEN SLIGHTLY understands the internet is a fool.”


I’d add that you:
– Need to be willing to research your content on a continual basis: online, in person, and on the phone (gasp, actually calling humans and talking to them instead of just shooting off an email.)
– Don’t blog unless you love doing it. Otherwise it soon will be a demanding task master.
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