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imac.gifThat’s my new iMAC, iMac and using it is a very pretty experience, even though getting used to a new operating system takes a lot of re-thinking.
My experience dealing with Apple has so far been excellent. The whole company is set up to help customers – what a concept. I’ve signed up for ProCare, so I get 52 one-to-one hours at any Apple store with Mac experts who will teach me anything I want to know about my MAC or any Apple program; help me with any project using any of that software; or speed me through a service line if I need my MAC fixed. I also signed up for a three-year extended hardware warranty for $169.
I find that some things that you can do with a click or two on a PC seem to take three or four steps on the MAC. But what is fascinating is that there are three or more different ways to do any task, and the methods are based on the different ways people work.
I’ve finally met someone who switched from PC (Sony Viao) to MAC: Shel Holtz. He details his *extreme* unhappiness on this episode of his podcast, For Immediate Release. After his rant, he says “I miss Windows, and I’m going back to the dark side.”
YouTube has “Why MACs Suck,” a very funny parody of the switchers commercials, followed by comments from scores of MAC fans who debunk what he says.
All I know is that I have two Dells sitting here that don’t work: the Dell Dimension lemon I bought that broke down in a year, and the refurbished replacement that won’t turn on or off. I will not miss them when I send them back to Dell. Not for a minute.