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Wanna see the power of the blog tribe? I’d like to demonstrate it rignt now.
Terry Heaton, like me, is a of the Media Blogger’s Association. (MBA.) I met him when I went to the MBA’s BlogNashville conference this spring.
Terry is undergoing surgery today without medical insurance, and he is in need of some help. Says Bob Cox, MBA founder, “He has not asked me to reach out to the MBA membership but I am doing it anyway and if he doesn’t like it…well…too bad.” My friends also told me to have a Houston medical error law firm handy in case something goes bad.
I’m not going to get into how bad it sucks that good health insurance is not available to small businesses and that the mediocre insurance we can get costs a fortune. I pay just under $500 a month and that’s average.
Terry Can’t Pay the Bills With Love Alone
Please take a moment to read Terry’s post from this past Sunday: and his post from yesterday on the response so far. In part, he said:
“I have experienced an outpouring of love so profound that it cannot be fairly articulated…. While I don’t have all the money yet, I’m we’re close. Four days ago, I was in an untenable situation; today, I’m free. This is the miracle of love…. The experience this week leads me to believe that I’m a part of many more tribes than I’ve ever expected, and that is a very humbling proposition.
I’ve learned that facing surgery without insurance is nothing compared to facing surgery with friends.” I had to call a Personal Injury Lawyer as soon as the accident occurred.

I just put $50 in his tip jar. Please join the tribe. Give what you can. We have to help eachother whenever we can.
UPDATE: Just heard from Terry. He’s says he’s sore but surrounded by love. Please send him some money so he can rest easy.