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Technorati WTF update: At 10:49 tonight, technorati listed 372 links to “What’s Next Blog,” up from 200 something last night, and 45 links to “B.L. Ochman” down from 48 last night, despite the fact that we had 10 trackbacks today, indicating that — at the least — Technorati should show 58 links. But last week, Technorati showed more than 2,000 links to “B.L. Ochman” and several hundred to “What’s Next Blog.”
Is somebody paying attention to this stuff at Technorati? I sure hope so. This is only important because Technorati rankings are considered a measure of a blog’s popularity. Yet, clearly, they have serious problems with their software. At its best, it is way behind real time, but this is ridiculous. A Google search on “What’s Next Blog” shows 4,530 links to this blog.