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Target.jpgAs the result of an error that might seem trivial to many, Target is getting an example of why corporations, especially publicly traded ones, can’t ignore blogs any longer.
Inside Google noted that Target’s Website has a link to a page selling Marijuana for $25.25 (Actually, it’s about a book, also available on Amazon.) Several bloggers posted about it.
Steve Rubel, in what one commenter noted was probably a pitch for Target’s PR account, asked Target, “where’s your PR team?”
The venerable Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble chimed in “any company who hasn’t assigned someone to follow what the blogosphere is saying about them is blowing it. Bigtime. Just wait until the PR crisis is real. Then it’ll be too late to figure out Pubsub, Feedster, and Technorati.
With every hour that a representative of Target doesn’t come here or any of the other blogs involved at this point it just demonstrates … that they haven’t dedicated anyone to watch what people are saying about them online.”
Jeremy Zawodny’s blog said, “I suspect that if someone bothered to tell them about the problem instead of using this as an opportunity to blame their PR folks for not reading blogs, they probably would have fixed it and gone on with life.”
That’s so BB (before blogs) Jeremy.