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I didn’t think it was possible, but this pitch, from a Sprint flak, has driven my opinion of flaks even lower:
The email, from Mia Giusti, has the subject line “tip for whatsnextblog”
the pitch:
The William Hung(s) of Breakdancing
Sprint’s Viral Video

A link in the video takes you to an insipid contest that “that gives participants the chance to win awesome prizes like a Power Vision phone, participate in the Ultimate Entertainment Hookup Grand Prize, win a daily giveaway, and receive a free song download. There’s even an opportunity to help local charities.”
Ok mia, here’s my response: Your pitch, the contest, the video and not saying what you are pitching sucks.
I don’t need to think twice about outing her, because I’m sure Mia Giusti isn’t her real name any more than her pitch is a tip from a reader.
UPDATE: Looks like I screwed up. Mia says she’s not a flak. I apologize. Instead of rushing to publish, I should have checked to see who Mia was. So who are you Mia?