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EEG_Biofeedback.jpgAbout 10 years ago, I wrote a website for Dr. Leslie Seiden in New York City about EEG Biofeedback for the drug-free treatment of attention deficit disorder (ADD.) I learned that I have mild ADD, and took a year of EEG Biofeedback training to learn how to play a pacman-like game that helps the brain achieve peak performance. I can still easily put my brain in a Beta state for enhanced focus.
So I was interested to get an email from Pete Quily, who calls himself an “adult ADD Coach,” about his blog post that says Attention Deficit Disorder is an advantage in a high tech career.
Among the reasons:
The Ability to Hyperfocus
Rapid Fire Mind
Highly Creative
Quick Learner
Risk Taker
And, he says, Mensa has an ADD SIG with 300 members. Cool!