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kapow.jpgSony BMG has felt the power of a blog swarm and found a way to resolve a 230 day-old complaint by Greg at Perfect Porridge music blog.
Like Dell and others before them, Sony ignored a customer issue that was being discussed online until it reached warp speed. That’s just dumb. But then again, those who don’t learn from history are condemmed to repeat it. All Sony had to do was say, nearly a year ago, was “We’re sorry you had a problem, here’s how we can solve it.”
Greg writes: UPDATE (6/21):

Thanks to BoingBoing, Consumerist, B.L. Ochman, MajorGeeks and countless others for getting the word out there.
UPDATE #2 (6/22): Would you believe we got 28,000 hits on this post yesterday? That’s a lot of people reading/talking/blogging about Sony and their incompetence. Would you believe that as a result, Sony somehow got their act together to e-mail iTunes settlement codes AND a settlement check the next day? Guess it only took 232 days of persistence and a blog swarm of 8,500 unique user hits to get them moving. Thanks Sony!

Power to the People!