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#socialmedia.pngI am immersed in Social Media Week New York, and wanted to share some of the highlights of my travels today. The theme of the day: Shift happens.
Tweet Chatting with Borders Free WiFi
Since there was no wifi at the new media conference I was covering today, (!?) I ended up at Borders, where the coffee was great, and the wifi was free, (thank you Borders!) so I could host the 45th edition of the hour-long weekly Twitter Social Media chat, produced by’s Marc Meyer and Jason Breed.
Just about everyone who’s anyone in emerging media has hosted and/or participated in the weekly chats. The pace is fast, and the level is definitely not entirely newbie.
329 Tweeters, 1358 #sm45 Tweets in one hour!
In an hour of fast and furious speed typing, I responded to 329 participants’ more than 1357 Tweets. The topic I chose to examine was the fear factor hindering corporate social media adoption.
Tactics you can use
Because the Tweeters were so sharp and so quick, we got great answers to my third question: Are there quick tactics that can be used to build company enthusiasm around SMM? Pls note: The conversation is, or soon will be, online.
Action items to encourage corporate social media adoption
Highlight of the hour was definitely our crowd-sourced list of tactics that can be used to build enthusiasm for adoption of social media.
@brightmatrix: Good SM case study can be of who is talking about your co both in good & bad ways. Show why you need to join in.
@Mossappeal: demonstrate for corp execs the increased search rankings from searchable presence on soc med sites
@bdresher: Tactic: On-going soc med education! I send weekly Twitter Tip email sharing best use, reports, case studies, trends, etc
@billrobbCisco: i like to show them stats on an issue where competitor uses social media & they don’t. very clear way to demo value
@iMediaMichelle: Favorite tactic: Teach your execs and colleagues to follow conferences and events and comment via hashtags
@ByDesignMktg Tactic: Encourage your employees to follow your co on SM and retweet, post, etc. Be part of it. Also helps emp engagement.
@Marc_Meyer: tactic: Create a hashtag around your company, product, or industry and drive the conversations
@MaryAnnHalford another tactic: map where your target audience is participating in sm
@smange A first step for company enthusiasm could be to use social media to help build community within the company – HR bonding
@whatsnext tactic: #sm45 show them how social media tools :wikis, internal communities,can help increase productivity. not all SM is external
@MaryAnnHalford let’s do it now: Tactic 1: show management what your competitors are doing in sm and results
@whatsnext let’s see if we can get 10 quick tactics for encouraging corp social media use & post to our blogs
@Marc_Meyer: Quick tactic: Real time keyword/product/industry monitoring
@jasonbreed: To prove to execs, I like taking 12-18 mnth stock chart of competitors using S.n showing them theirs.
@wvpmc building a biz case for a new mrktg initiative begins with research: customers, competitors, ind leaders> benchmarking