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I have been immersed, to say the least, in the launch of a new business for the past couple of months. And today, the site pre-launches with the Pawfun Blog and our first caption contest. You MUST comment on this photo so you can enter the first Pawfun Creature Caption Contest. We’re still figuring out the prize, but it’ll be fun. is the umm, pet project, of my partner, Caimin Jones, me, and a variety of our four-legged friends. We hope you like Pawfun!
We launch the retail site on November 10th. BennyBix Ochman Labradoodle Puppy is way happy today, and we hope you will be too. When Pawfun launches on November 10th, you’ll be able to upload a picture of your dog, cat, horse, gerbil, parrot, hamster or goldfish on a top-quality photo t-shirt you design and we print.
Your comments, suggestions, photos are most welcome.
You don’t need to be a geek or a technical wizard to create a work of art featuring your pet on a PawFun photo t-shirt. If you can put together a Word document you can use PawFun.
In addition to selling t-shirts, we’ll be using as a showcase for social media marketing. Please stay tuned. Wooooooof!