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meatballsundae.pngBy B.L. Ochman
A “Dear Blogger” PR Pitch from Hell email from the Search Engine Strategies Conference PR staff was the invite to Seth Godin’s pre-keynote webinar for “influentials” last week. Ironic, since Godin was discussing effective ways to use new media.
We didn’t zap the email because Godin is a friend, and he always finds ways to put ideas into terms businesses can understand. This time he offers an excellent explanation of the need for companies to make a fundamental shift beyond old media methods of selling.
Godin’s new book, Meatball Sundae, explains that the Internet has created a new industrial revolution that most CEOs still don’t see. Rather than just adding new media to old media, he says, companies need to totally transform their product, service, and marketing to thrive on today’s new consumer-in-charge rules.
His SES webinar identified 14 threads that marketers need to bring together. And Lisa Barone did a great job of live blogging it here.
Companies can’t simply add a blog or a social network to their traditional marketing and call it change, he warns. Change has to be transformative. Amen.
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